Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9 2013

       Hello! My name is Izzy. I live in Paris, France. I live with my sister Elizabeth and my parents.



   My cousin Felicity moved here last week. Unfortunately she isn't very good at learning new languages and is having a very hard time getting around in Paris.



             Yesterday Felicity and I went to a cafe. 
     Our parents weren't there so Felicity thought we could do whatever we want without any one finding out.

Soon the waitress came to take our orders.

       I ordered hot cocoa and then Felicity said something that surprised me. When the waitress asked her what she wanted to drink she said "Dr. Pepper, please" I started to giggle. The waitress looked confused at first then she smiled and said, "Ce n'est pas sur le menu". Felicity elbowed me."What did she just say?" she asks. "It's not on the menu, Felicity!" I say, still giggling, "let alone for breakfast!" Felicity turns red and re-orders. Finally we settle down and eat our food.

           While we eat I notice an old lady who lives
                 in our apartment complex.

        Unfortunately she is with her poodle. The same one who tried to bite my hand off on New Year's Day. Not a good way to start the year!

          Suddenly the poodle starts yapping and pulling
                 the table cloth off the table!

         Then the dog knocks me off my chair and the table collapsed on me knocking all the food off the table on to me!
                I was covered in food and stains!                                   This was not a good situation!

          Then Felicity, instead of laughing at me reached                       for a napkin and began to clean me up.


                      Today I learned a lesson:
                       A true friend is  loyal.