Monday, November 18, 2013

Cooking is Easy!

The Pizza Disaster!
    Hi everyone! I'm Izzy's current cousin and relation Felicity! Or you can call me Lissie. Whatever you choose. Anyway, today Kit (My BFF) and I had to stay home, make dinner and do chores while Izzy and McKenna went shopping. We were supposed to make pizza. The recipe was taped to the fridge, but we didn't understand how to make the pizza dough so we used some leftover pie crust in the fridge. It looked right for pizza.
We took out all the ingredients we thought we'd need. Parmesan, Ketchup, and salt. I never knew cooking could be so easy!
Then we added the ketchup and spread it around with a knife. since it didn't look chunky enough we added some strawberry jelly and chili pepper. It was a good idea. 
Then we added the cheese. doesn't it look professional? 
   Right before we put it in the microwave, since it doesn't fit in the toaster, Kit said, "you know what's wrong with it? It looks like a pizza."
   "You're right Kit!" I said looking at it closely, "It does!" While it was in the microwave we ironed some clothes.
        But I accidentally burnt a hole in a dress. Oops!
  Then the pizza came out of the microwave. Delish!
After it came out of the oven we thought it would be a good idea to have Kit's baby sister Anna taste it first,so Kit ran and got her. 
   "Time for tasting little cockapoo!" declared Kit to her sister.
                                   Kit thrust it into Anna's mouth. All of a sudden Anna began screaming and crying.
"What's wrong tiny cheese?" asked Kit curiously.
Of course, she didn't answer so Kit responded graciously.
"Poor little pooch, she must be having digestion problems!"
"I'm going to try it!" I said bravely. 
"Ugh! Yuck! Gross! Disgusting!"
I spat it out into the sink. 
"That's SO gross!"
Hey! I worked hard on that!" shouted Kit
"You? I did just as much work as you did and ironing!"
"You burnt a hole in my dress!" Kit yelled.
 Just then Kit's mom came in.
"Girls what on earth has happened?!"
I'd never felt so ashamed. I'd just realized what a mess we made, there was Parmesan cheese and ketchup everywhere.
In the end we had to order pizza, but at least it's a start. Besides, cooking is easy!


  1. That sooooo much fun Felicity!
    P.S. This is Kit

  2. I just wanted to thank you for posting a lot, nowadays it's hard to find doll blogs that still post. I was able to find a few and yours was one of them! Thank you thank you thank you! You inspire me so much and I wish more blogs were like yours. I was hoping you would take an award here :

    You inspire me so much and you deserve a small little reward.

  3. Hello Izzy and Felicity! I would like to give you an award for having such an awesome blog! I love the way that you write! You have an awesome blog/life! Thank You for telling others about your awesome life!!!
    (The link for the award.You may have to copy and paste to get to it.)
    Thank You!!!