Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013
   Hi everybody! Today my mom told me that Felicity and I would be visiting Colonial Williamsburg on October 3rd. Felicity and I got really excited and we both felt like pretending we lived in the Colonial era. We were trying to do ballroom dancing, but kept stepping on each other's toes when Elizabeth came in.

"Will you please stop being so loud?!" she said exasperatedly, "I'm trying to study!"
"Sorry!" Felicity said apologetically, "we were just-"
She stopped talking and looked out the window. Then suddenly she gasped. Elizabeth, thinking it was an emergency ran over and looked out the window. Then she rolled her eyes as if it was some sort of joke and left. I finally looked out the window and what I saw made me groan. It was Felicity's mom. Felicity and I, still in our costumes ran and jumped on my bed for "safety" even though it made no difference.
Her mom came in and made her change into regular clothes. Then they left. I was so bored so I just thought about Virginia. I pictured the Autumn leaves perfectly orange. We don't really have perfectly orange and red leaves in Paris. But in Virginia it must be lovely. I'd seen pictures before of the trees and leaves.
Then I realized that Felicity and I would be needing passports. I hoped that Felicity already had one. I was practically asleep when my mom came in.
"Honey. Good news!" she said.
"What?" I asked eagerly.
"You're going to be visiting Florida as well as Virginia!" 
"Florida?" I shouted disbelievingly, " you mean Disneyland!"
"Yes!" answered my mom beaming.
"How can we afford that?" I asked.
"Grandma just called and gave us money for a rental car!" she said in voice that sounded as disbelieving as mine.
"Woah! Can we visit McKenna and Kit?" I asked thinking of my best friends.
"And their cousins Chrissa and Elizabeth!" She answered me happily.
"Yeah! Don't they have a blog like me?"
"Yes it is called The Saltys." she replied calmly.
I remeber visiting their blog. Here is a link:

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