Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26, 2013
   Hi everyone! Today my sister Elizabeth and I went shopping for Felicity's birthday. I wasn't too happy about my sister coming. All she ever shops for is clothes. Oh well! In life you can't always have everything. Try telling that to my sister! For Felicity's birthday shopping we went to my favorite store. All Star Girl's Boutique!

When we walked into the store Elizabeth looked as if her birthday had come early. She gasped and ran over to a skirt on rack.
"Look at this skirt Izzy!" she squealed, "It would look perfect with  my... everything!"
    "Elizabeth-" I began, but she interrupted.
    "Izzy it's not like it's going to take hours!" 
    With that she skipped off to the dressing rooms.
"Ta-da!" squealed Elizabeth. 
   "Uhhh it looks- nice." I stated politely. 
   "Izzy! You're so rude!" said Elizabeth angrily, "I can tell you think it's ugly!" 
    "I never said it was ugly!" I argued, but Elizabeth was giving me an I-think-you're-lying look so I stopped talking. 
   Then Elizabeth spotted a shirt and pink dress and piled them into the cart along with the skirt she was so attached to.
   I was forced to sit there the whole time as she greedily grabbed items in the makeup and hair section. Then she walked over to me holding the a purse that I personally didn't like.
   "Look Izzy!" Elizabeth said excitedly, "Isn't this perfect?" 
    "For Felicity?" I answered, "no way!" 
"Not Felicity! For me!" exclaimed Elizabeth.
"I thought we were shopping for Felicity!" I shouted angrily at her, "For once will you please shop for someone other than yourself!"
I picked up the purse an held it in her face for her to see.
"Do you seriously think that you need another purse?" I shouted at her angrily, "'cause you don't, you have fifty more at home that you can use!"
I'd never seen Elizabeth so angry. She opened her mouth to protest, but I wouldn't let her.
"You're so selfish! I can't believe you!" I yelled.
"You're the selfish one!" shouted Elizabeth.
I started to yell back, but I realized that everyone was staring at us. Elizabeth must have seen it too because she stalked away. I was walking through the aisle muttering to myself when I noticed an album lying open. I saw more albums around it and one particular book caught my eye. It was pink with a zebra print on it. Perfect for Felicity I thought to myself. I picked it up, but then I noticed Elizabeth walking towards me. 
"Hi." she mumbled, looking at her feet, "I'm sorry I shouted at you."
I felt as if this were unnecessary because I had really been the one who started shouting, but after all she had been kind of selfish. Actually we both were.
"I forgive you" I responded, " I'm sorry too we were both being selfish, I guess".
Then I showed her the album I'd found.
"Cool!" she responded, "I found something for Felicity too".
Then she held up a pamphlet with the words Computer Manual written across it. I laughed out loud.
" That's perfect!" I shouted,"but insulting to Felicity." We laughed. Together. And about the same joke.

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  1. So sweet! I bet that Felicity will love what you got her!